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Thanks for being curious about working with me…

Why I write – From a very young age, I’ve had a love of and fascination with words and books, learning to read by the time I was four. Becoming a writer was a natural progression to pursue this passion. People intrigue me and I believe we all have amazing stories to share. I’d love to help you share yours.

Having written about a varied range of lifestyle topics published on the Huffington Post, (Beauty, Aging Gracefully, Monogamy, Inner Peace Through Art, Travel pieces on Sedona, Portland & Vancouver, Relationships, The Akashic Records, Intimacy, The Power of Smiling and The Heart), my background as a researcher and a conversationalist, offers fresh inspiration, stimulating new ideas that attract a loyal tribe to the conversation.

Your Story – My training as a certified Biography Coach has given me the skill of truly listening to others where they are at in their lives. I’ve learned that listening is key to all good communication and conversations. Your story is about you and your one-of-a-kind unique life journey.

At the heart of biography work is conversation, the practice of giving time and attention to another. Listening well is like holding open a door to allow your personal individual story to be uncovered. This love of people, my research background and this capacity to truly listen, is at the heart of my ability to write content that authentically reflects Your Message, Your Story and the soul of who YOU are.

What is it that stops you from sharing your message with the world? Maybe it’s the time required, or that you don’t see yourself as having the writing skills. Or, maybe you don’t know where to begin to flush out your message, or are hesitant to actually share your story at all. Perhaps you’re simply wanting someone to collaborate or brainstorm with.

Whatever it is that is holding you back – there’s no need to wait any longer!

Let’s talk if you:

  • Need personalized articles or content for your website that reflect you and your brand to prospective clients
  • Need promotional or newsletter material written
  • Want to write your story to share as a chapter in a compilation book
  • Want to write your personal biography or story to share with others
  • Want to share your personal story as a legacy for your family
  • Need content rewritten to more perfectly represent your voice
  • Need original content and ideas to share your message
  • Need a collaborator to brainstorm and bounce ideas off 

Whatever your writing needs, let’s have a conversation to see if we are a perfect fit.

You can email me directly at [email protected] or reach out and call me at 416.399.1448.

Here’s some of the people I’ve worked with recently and what they had to say about their experience working with me. Thanks for reaching out and connecting. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


“Beverley Golden is a literary tour de force in my experience. I say this because she is prolific, intuitive, and insightful, all pulled together and presented in an inspired, conversational, engaging storytelling style. I have the rare vantage point of reading and appreciating Beverley’s work as well as teaming with her in the creative process in our collaboration to craft the golf story within me. The true genius of Beverley Golden is her love of the world around her and her ability to craft an article, a story, a book that touches people with sincerity and authenticity.”

Martin White | Principal at Online Magazine Marketing

“I worked with Beverley Golden when I called on her to edit a short story I wrote. She is smart, kind, considerate, a great editor and has excellent communication skills. I will work with her again and highly recommend her talents. Beverley is great!”

Barbara Jean Mertus | Writer and Creative Thinker

“I would like to thank Beverley Golden for her exceptional listening and writing skills and her professionalism in capturing my family’s challenges and victories, which were the key events in developing my faith and gratitude. Through writing my story, she truly reveals the heart and soul of the matter. Words alone cannot express my gratitude.”

Tabitha N. Miller Tart | Evangelist Missionary + Marriage Enrichment Coordinator at the Maranatha Family Worship Center, Washington State

“While talking to Beverley on the phone, I knew immediately that she was the right person to work on my project and write my story. And, I was right. Beverley is very detail-oriented and highly professional. She goes to any lengths to make sure her client is satisfied. My job was done to my satisfaction. Now that I have used her, I know I will use her again.”

Paul Chika Emekwulu | Author, Writing Down Your Dreams, Listen to Your Inner Voice and Change Your Life

“Witnessing the excellence of Beverley Golden’s writing skills was phenomenal. She knows how to capture your essence and refine it with pure class in a flow that maximizes the heart of your story. I love Beverley Golden’s work and she is a fabulous lady to work with. Divine connections like this are invaluable.”

Willie Tart | Marriage Coach, Clergy and Coauthor Bestselling book, Unwavering Strength

If you’re ready to take the next step to share yourself, your story or your message with the world, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 416.399.1448 to set up an initial conversation. Hope to hear from you soon.