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Biography > Beverley Golden is a writer, raconteur, wordsmitherer, song creator, soul hippie, peacenik and self-professed guinea pig, who loves testing unconventional ways to shift paradigms in the playing fields of health care, storytelling and of course, world peace.

Press Release > Toronto author and Huffington Post writer Beverley Golden’s new humorous and intuitive memoir, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie, teaches us not only about hope and fulfillment, but also how to find a way to survive when reality looks like it’s against you.

Book Release > A Groovy Peek into Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie…Observations of life on earth & other cosmic meanderings.

Interview Topics > Conversational Spark-plug. Engaging Storyteller. Complacency Shaker. Beverley’s ever-inquiring mind and boundless idealism makes for a lively counterpoint in any fully engaged discussion.

Media Credits > Writings and Radio Conversations.

Articles > New Articles on current lifestyle and cultural topics

Radio Conversations > All the latest on a wide range of topical lifestyle issues