A Groovy Peek into: Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie

Should the list of wildly outrageous things you did in your twenties…and beyond…silently disappear and recede into the history of decades past? What if the world could be enlightened through your vulnerability and your almost unbelievable adventures?

Would you have the guts to bare your soul and confess it all- your emotional victories, bittersweet near-triumphs and utter disasters – with the enthusiasm of a peace loving, truth-seeking middle-aged hippie?

Beverley Golden’s Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie is a love-offering of profound lessons learned from her often heart-wrenching, yet almost always infinitely more humorous encounters with: standing up to big-time “Gods” of conventional medicine while staring death in the eye, running a home video rental business before Blockbuster Video, raising a child TV star, and pursuing a career in the entertainment industry at all costs… always choosing a life colored by love, laughter and hope as the only possible outcome.

Blazing trails though the ’60s and ’70s, right up to today, this candid, conversational memoir affirms the power of intuition and teaches us to never underestimate the role of questioning everything on the path of a true hippie seeker.

Be forewarned…this book may not be for you:

  • If you’ve never faced insurmountable health challenges believing there just might be another way to make it through the proverbial eye of the needle
  • If you never dated (or married) someone despite obvious omens presented compliments of your family, God and/or Mother Nature.
  • If you’ve never wanted to be on Oprah or hung out in Sedona fascinated by the possibility of writing a book in a ridiculously short number of days.
  • If you’ve never entertained the idea of Saturday-afternoon past-life regressing with your parent, sibling or child
  • If you once had the chance to divulge your dreams to a rock star about your past-life connection, but failed to take it
  • If you aren’t a little bit intrigued by horoscopes, Hair or Daryl Hall and John Oates
  • If you think everything you did in Vegas should definitely stay in Vegas
  • If you don’t love people with all your heart, notwithstanding the quirks that make them human and uniquely who they are

Beverley’s unconventional memoir will inspire you to live life on your own terms, even if you are currently wading through uncharted waters. This book proves it: you are not alone in the universe…and we’re all hippies at heart!