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When I first toyed with the idea of including a place on my website to share some of the creative endeavours I’ve always loved, the idea of a “playroom” came up. However, this playroom soon expanded to become a playground, a word which brings many of us back to our childhood, representing our schooldays and the break we’d get each morning and afternoon called “recess”.

A time when we’d escape the indoor classroom and have the opportunity to be social and interact with friends in playful and fun ways. Two times a day when we indulged our imaginations to create games and to take on roles to explore both our own individuality, as well as how we fit in a group. It was the chance to take turns playing at who we might become. School teacher and student. Doctor and nurse. The sky was the limit on what we could imagine and play.

My playground includes things I’ve always held dear to my often serious heart. I loved reading and colouring as a very young child. Music was an important part of my life too. I wasn’t necessarily a physically active kid, although I had a super active imagination and loved to play in the magical world of the cosmos. I have always loved to observe the world around me too. It seems a natural progression to me that I would express my creativity as an adult, through writing and art and music.

In my playground, you’ll find introductions to my art (which I truly found later in life, however credit with saving my life when I was critically ill), plus some of my musings, a more familiar territory as I’ve always been fascinated by words and for as long as I can remember, have been told my others that I have a knack for expressing myself through writing.

Enjoy my playground and please feel free to wander around. I’d love to hear where you choose to play and express creativity in your life. Remember we all are hardwired for both creativity and language, so I encourage you to share yourself with the world! We all can use a little more play and fun in our lives.