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Books, Bucket Lists + Artist Peter Max

By March 4, 2014September 2nd, 2018Creativity, Entertainment, Inspiration

peter-max-exhibit-naples-posterIt’s probably not too far a stretch to say that most of us are familiar with the concept of a bucket list. Places we long to visit, dreams yet to come true, people we’d love to meet and experiences we want to live, all before we kick the proverbial “bucket”.

With the release of my first book (one of the now completed items from my personal bucket list), it occurred to me that my book, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie has it’s own rather unique bucket list. Can a book have a bucket list, I wondered? Absolutely! And it had a loud voice wanting to be heard.

A Book with a Bucket List

“Confessions” is filled with real stories from my life, so other than positively influencing others through my experiences, selling lots of books and maybe having the book turned into a movie (pretty much what all authors want I guess), the top three things on this bucket list were more about the individual people I wanted to personally thank for the unbelievable stories they inspired in the book. Sounds simple.

The key here is that these three individuals just happen to be really famous and huge celebrities in their own respective fields. One in the world of art. One the world of music. The third, a megawatt global influencer who has big conversations out in the world. Hmm. Not such an easy task. One of my mantras is “there is always another way”, so I set my intention on the list and remained ready to magically manifest the perfect opportunity.

The Power of Colour in Our Lives

LOVE - Peter MaxIf there is any doubt how colour brings joy to our human being-ness, you just have to look at the artwork of my favourite artist Peter Max. To me, he is the definitive artist of my generation. He is to art, what the Beatles are to music.

Since I first became aware of him and his art while growing up in the ’60s, I’ve been a fan and also recognized something in his work that speaks directly to me. Many of his images are iconic, a favourite being his ‘Love’ image from 1968. His colours are vibrant and alive and have a contagious vitality to them. If the soul speaks in colour, Peter Max’s soul is a megaphone to the world.

Cosmic Art and Peter Max

His art is cosmic. He is cosmic. I absolutely get cosmic. Just check out the subtitle of my book. I’ve been known to meander the cosmos myself, tapping into the wonder, beauty and ideas there, bringing them down to earth to share with others. Peter Max has always done that in the art he creates. His deep fascination with the cosmos from a young age turned into a spiritual quest as much as it was scientific, later in life. He understands ‘hippie, saying when asked, that he’s okay being referred to as a hippie because it means “thinking cosmic and futuristic“. I get that too.

He is a Yogi and was among the first who brought awareness to yoga in the U.S.
The chapter in my book “Take it to The Max” was inspired by an encounter with him at a Toronto gallery in 2002. The first time Peter had ever visited Canada in his entire career and I had to be there! It’s a story about smuggling in my Peter Max shirt, (something I’d saved from his 1970’s clothing line), naively hoping he’d autograph it. What unfolded turned out to be surreal and far beyond anything I could ever have imagined. The result is still hard to believe. Full adventure in the book of course.

How would I ever be able to thank Peter Max? I was determined to find a way to get a book to him, as my way of saying thank you for the amazing memory of that day twelve years before. After reading his new book The Universe of Peter Max, I absolutely knew it had to be in person.

Manifesting Florida

Back in October, I’d been telling people that I was manifesting a way out of Toronto in February. I had no idea how, so kept trusting it. As sometimes happens, I talked to the right person at the right time, and an opportunity showed up for me to leave the oppressive Toronto winter to come and play in sunny Florida. Awesome! Then a new friend happened to mention that Peter Max would be appearing in person at a gallery in Florida exactly at the same time that I would be there. Seriously. Need I say more?

The wheels were already in motion. This new story involves rallying my friend to commit to driving the two hours across the state to attend the show. Having read my book, she was already a converted Peter Max fan. She said yes, as she wanted to be part of my ‘to be continued’.

The day was perfect. It involves me being as nervous as a school girl, the two of us changing in the fairly large Whole Foods handicap bathroom, and me trying to steady my shaking hand as I inscribed the book I would give Peter Max. Then, inclement weather in the northeast caused Peter’s plane to be diverted and his arrival extremely delayed. It also involves conversations with many lovely people who were rooting for me to have the opportunity to hand the book to Peter and their willingness to help.


Are You the Middle-Aged Hippie?

It seemed like an eternity until I had a chance to talk with him alone in the growing crowd, sometimes wondering if it would happen at all. When the opportunity finally came to hand him the book and briefly tell him the story about ‘his’ chapter in it, he looked at the cover and asked, “Are you the middle-aged hippie?” “Yes”. “And I’m in the book?” “Yes.” Then before he got whisked away holding “Confessions” in his hand, he said, “I’ll get back to you.” Yay!

Now I wanted a picture with him, however, no photographs were allowed other than by the professional photographer. I had to wait for all the art purchasers to have their pictures taken first. I practiced patience. My turn comes. Snap. Snap. That was almost it. And of all the multitude of pictures taken that evening, one of me, Peter Max and my book, made it into the online gallery.

As I was leaving, a new friend asked if I had Peter sign a copy of “Confessions” for me? The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. Duh! I ran back in (yes, I had an extra copy of the book, although I almost sold it to another curious middle-aged hippie) and asked if Peter would sign it.

Beverley Golden & Peter Max

Standing for Animal + Human Rights

This is the part where Peter Max the man and what he stands for in the world shines through. He lives his life as an environmentalist and defender of human and animal rights. He would autograph one item, for a small donation to The Animal Foundation, who do amazing work rescuing and caring for thousands of homeless and abandoned animals. I was delighted to contribute, and Peter Max signed my book in his chapter “Take it to The Max”. So the night had become even grander than I could ever have envisioned! Don’t you love it when that happens?

He didn’t actually get back to me that night. I have faith. My mission was accomplished for now. I’ll trust that any further cosmic puzzle pieces are moving into place on their own.

So who’s next on the list? Daryl Hall. Yes, the Daryl Hall from pop duo Daryl Hall and John Oates. He has a chapter too. I won’t tell you what I hope will happen if I get to hand him a book in person. (Hint – it has to do with music). As far as the third person, that’s revealed in the prologue of “Confessions”. A girl’s got to maintain some suspense after all. Who would you guess it is?

I’m curious to hear about things from your bucket list that you have or haven’t done yet?

Beverley Golden

Beverley Golden is a writer, storyteller, peacenik and health & vitality consultant, who loves testing unconventional ways to shift paradigms in the playing fields of health and wellness, storytelling and creativity as a path to world peace. Her passion is turning the “impossible” into the possible, using her own experiences with a lifetime of health issues, to inspire and support others to live their life to the fullest. You're invited to a Complimentary Health Consultation, starting with the True Health Assessment that offers a customized personalized snapshot of how healthy you are in the areas of lifestyle, heredity and nutrition. Contact me to get started!


  • Cathy Sykora says:

    This is so great, Beverley! I love how you saw what you wanted, manifested and ACTED on behalf of it actualizing! I’m glad you had a positive exchange with him as well, being such a successful man it’s nice to hear he treats their fans with respect.

    • Thanks so much Cathy! This was truly a moment where everything aligned in perfect synchronicity and getting to connect with Peter Max again and give him a copy of my book, was a great result. I agree that it is nice to see successful people being respectful and willing to interact directly with their fans.

  • Gill says:

    What a great article Beverley! I love how everything fell into place, you must be very curious as to what comes next with Peter Max! Daryl Hall and John Oats that would be so cool! Can’t wait to find out how that turns out!

    • Thanks so much Gill! It was kind of surreal how everything unfolded and it isn’t something I couldn’t have scripted even if I tried too. As far as Peter Max, not sure what would play out. As far as Daryl Hall…I still have hope and having read my book, yes, it would be incredibly cool if that happened. I’ll let you know how it all turns out when it does.

  • I would say your post is the perfect proof of what gifts and rewards patience can give us, Beverley. It’s wonderful how you got an original piece of art from Peter Max. The late M F Hussain was known for gifting away impromptu sketches and paintings too worth millions. Such is the generosity of a true artist. Who would have thought your bucket list would create a book of memories!

    • Thanks for sharing about M F Hussain, Vatsala! As far as Peter Max, both times I met him were almost surreal in how they played out. I continue to practice patience to have the remaining two bucket list items play out..hopefully with ease and soon. 🙂 Yes, it is about having patience and trust and sometimes when you really want something, that can be challenging to remember.

  • Congratulations Beverley on the book and sounds like an intriguing title. I also loved your sharing about Peter Max. Looks like definitely your book does have a bucket list 🙂

    • Thanks so much Jonita! Yes, my book has a bucket list and still two items on it to go… Peter Max is an incredible artist and human being, so I am delighted I got to meet him and introduce him to new people.

  • Sue Kearney says:

    Beverley, I love this! Who’s the third guy? The big influencer with the global reach?

  • What an inspiring story of synchronicity at work, Beverley–when you believe! I just love this. And way cool pic!

    • Thanks so much Susan! I couldn’t have asked for a more synchronistic way for this to unfold! Glad you like the photo too. Just when I thought it wouldn’t happen…it did!

  • Wow! You are always on point with your articles!! I admire this picture of you two, and I am sure you cherish it very much. One of my greatest desires is to travel around the world and make short stops in various countries. I can’t wait to accomplish that. How far are you on your bucket list?

    • Thanks so much for your support for my writing, Apolline! I appreciate it! Yes, it was quite a thrill to actually have the chance to re-connect with Peter Max and to give him a copy of my book! I love your desire to travel around the world and to stop in as many countries as possible. It sounds exciting and I hope you get to do it. As far as my bucket list, I am still wanting to manifest an opportunity to give a copy of my book to Daryl Hall in person and also to Oprah who was the inspiration for the format I used to tell my story in my book!

  • Lorii Abela says:

    That must have been a time of your life. I can imagine the excitement of meeting a celebrity you absolutely love. I am glad for you as you had something taken out of your bucket list.

    • Thanks Lorii! It was quite an exciting time to meet Peter Max and to be able to give him a copy of my book! And yes, one down on my book’s bucket list…2 more to go!

  • I love the idea of a book having a bucket list. One of my good friends is a book coach. I’ll have to run that idea by her too as I’m sure she will enjoy it. It’s nice to have a different perspective for our creative works. It gives them a life of their own.

    • Thanks Jennifer! Glad you enjoyed the idea of a book having a bucket list, as it made perfect sense to me. Let me know if your friend likes the idea of a book bucket list and if like you, she sees it as a creative way to add the the book writing process. And yes, books do have a life of their own!

  • Alene A Geed says:

    How exciting to actually meet Peter Max. I adored his art and remember it well from my 20’s. Your book sounds like a lot of fun too. Congratulations on taking the initiative and getting to talk to Peter about your book

    • For all of us who grew up in the 60’s, Peter Max was the artist of our generation, Alene. I think he still is, as he is still so active and creating new and colourful work! People are enjoying my book, so thanks for seeing it sounds like fun. Yes, so happy the timing worked out for me to connect with Peter Max again. It almost felt surreal, even remembering it now!

  • Oh WOW Beverley. First, congratulations on your book AND for meeting Peter Max and getting his autograph AND for reconnecting with Daryl Hall (as I know this will happen for you). You are such an amazing person and the perfect person for all this good fortune to happen to. What a great idea to write articles about people you admire!

    I changed my bucket list to my “life list” and have 117 things on there. The latest thing that was on my list that I did was zipline! THAT was fun.

    Thanks for such a great article. I’m so happy for you.
    Tandy Elisala recently posted…52 Weeks of Happiness: Week 10 – Do you feel lucky?My Profile

    • Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm, Tandy! I love your positivity about me meeting Daryl Hall, as I have been working on manifesting that for a while now. 🙂 I love that you have a ‘life list’ with 117 things and that you are working through ticking them off! You are brave to try zip lining and I’m so happy you enjoyed it too! I love hot air ballooning and would love to do that again! Thanks for expressing your appreciation for me and my writing too!

  • Julie says:

    I really enjoyed reading this Beverley. You write in such a way that makes you feel completely immersed in the story.

    I’m so glad you not only got to meet Peter Max, but he signed a copy for you. A memory I’m sure you’ll treasure forever.

    Thanks for allowing me an insight to something that meant so dear to you.

    • So happy you enjoyed this story, Julie! I appreciate hearing that you felt like you were immersed in the experience just from my writing. I’m really happy I got to meet Peter Max and I do treasure the book he signed for me. Yes, both the original piece of art he originally created for me, plus this signed book are truly lifelong memories.

  • Beautiful post Beverley. What an amazing manifestation of your Bucket List. It was great to see two great authors honoring each other. The process of how this happened is so much how my life works! Love it!
    Candess M Campbell recently posted…Music and Connecting with Dad on the Other Side!My Profile

    • Thanks so much Candess! I appreciate hearing that you enjoyed this post of how I manifested one of my book’s bucket list items! It was truly an incredible experience and like you, I love trusting that my life is just flowing in perfectly, especially when things are aligned with me and my intention!

  • Reba Linker says:

    Best post yet, Beverley! Thanks for taking us along on this magical ride. So glad I read the book and that it ain’t over yet!

    • Wow! Thanks so much Reba! Considering how many of my posts you’ve read, I am delighted to hear this one you consider ‘the best’. Yes, it definitely isn’t over and who knows where both my book and life might be leading me!

  • Tamuria says:

    How wonderful, Beverley, to have ticked that off your bucket list. Love the amazing colours of Peter Max’s work and I think meeting him would be a real honour. I really loved listening to Hall and Oates, so that would also be an amazing meetup. I love that your story, and your book, continue to take you on new adventures.

    • Thanks so much Tami! Peter Max paints pure joy with his colours and I love that even after all these years, he is still active and creating new works for the world to enjoy! Meeting him and giving him my book was truly an honour. Now, meeting Daryl Hall hasn’t proven to be that easy although I am making forward steps. I also find it wonderful that my story and my book are still alive and leading me on new adventures, often of the unscripted kind!

  • Lori English says:

    I didn’t know who Peter is, but I can see the comparison of cosmic and how you write and can see that you were excited around his presence. I do know Daryl Hall because I was a fan of that group.

    All I can say is you are a wonderful author, person, and talented with all the experiences that you had. I feel that that makes us who we are the people we are around and the experiences we have

    Lori English.

    • Thanks so much Lori! I really appreciate your support of me and my writing and I agree that we are the sum of all our experiences with the world around us. Yes, Daryl Hall and John Oates were and still are, a great group and are still going strong and influencing people even now! Peter Max is also still active creating art and is as colourful as ever!

  • Beth says:

    I am a huge fan of Peter Max! So bold and colorful both literally and figuratively. I’m very jealous that you got to meet him. I used to work for a trade show management company that ran a high end art show in NYC. I had always hoped he would show up. A lot of his work was displayed through the various art galleries that had distribution rights and there was a rumor he would be there but alas, he was a no show. If you make it back to Florida for another appearance let me know!
    Beth recently posted…Yes, It Really Is All In My Head!My Profile

    • Being in New York, Peter Max’s home turf, you would imagine that you might have come across Peter Max live at one of the shows where his art was being featured, Beth. He is still active and travelling and I think he does come to Naples for art shows every year. At this particular show, only his “originals” were being sold, so the high rollers came out for that. Having met him twice, feels quite surreal to me. And being able to hand him an autographed copy of my book, was always amazing. I might be in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida in the winter, so I will definitely let you know first! Love to connect in person and offline!

  • Sorry Bev, no idea who Peter Max is, but I can see it was someone who you were absolutely excited to meet and see and so glad that your patience came through for your photo! lol

    I’ve often thought about the bucket list, just haven’t made one out yet.. on paper that is… soon enough though… thanks for the encouragement. 😉
    Kristen Wilson recently posted…Just Because You Can – Doesn’t Mean You Should, Seriously!My Profile

    • Peter Max has been an iconic artist since the 60’s, Kristen and not sure if you recognize the “Love” image I shared, however, his art is everywhere. On airplanes and ships and in galleries and museums around the world. His colours and his cosmic images, plus images of iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and famous people (Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe for example) are pretty well known. In any case, yes, meeting him twice was really incredible and to hand him the book…was awesome! Definitely required a lot of patience and trust that evening.

      As far a bucket lists, it’s great to have a few things you know you want to accomplish in your life, and then to make sure you get to do them! Good luck with making yours. 🙂

  • Lorii Abela says:

    I have read your post with enthusiasm. Knowing how Peter Max has contributed significantly so much in the Chapter in your book: “Take it To The Max,” is something that you have been thankful for. For me, he is more than an inspiration to many, How he further reinforces your desire to let others come into realization the impact or message what the Chapter is all about is of vital importance. Such friendly gesture by him is undoubtedly showing his sincere desire to share his exceptional performance in the field of human and animal rights. This is another performance of you to take pride of. Thanks, Beverley, for your consistency in sharing your valuable masterpieces with us full of life and love. Love to share to my friends an information about all your published books.

    • Thanks for your enthusiasm on this post, Lorii. Peter Max has been a huge influence in the art world since the 60’s and has been a big favourite of mine since then too. I appreciate how much you enjoy my writing and this chapter in the book is very dear to me indeed. First because I met Peter Max so long ago and wrote about that, and now that I reconnected with him and was able to share the book with him. Thanks for sharing this story and my writings with others too!

  • Barbara Carr says:

    Beverley, love your excitement and “do it now” spirit! An encouragement for me. Time to define my remaining bucket list. Wonderful to look back and see so many that have come to pass but always more!!!

    • My sense is we always have more things to add to our bucket lists, Barbara. This is the nature of the human journey I believe. And at each stage of our lives, we are changing and evolving and of course new things interest us and capture our imaginations. Look forward to hearing what new things you uncover to put on your own bucket list!

  • Lisa Mason says:

    This is fantastic! I do so love reading your stories and hearing about your life. This sounds like a great experience. Thank you for sharing.
    Lisa Mason recently posted…Social Media Image Posts – Get Visual Marketing TodayMy Profile

    • Thanks Lisa! I appreciate your support and especially as you are also a writer. For me, every day is another story unfolding, so I love sharing some of them with others. That was the great thing about writing “Confessions” too, it was a chance to share my life with others. Glad you enjoyed this one too!

  • I’ve seen that ‘love’ picture about so many times, but never knew who the artist was. I do now – thank you! What a great story about meeting one of your idols. It’s good that you got your little keepsake to mark the occasion. Sometimes we skip through moments in our lives and fail to recognise their significance. I love the idea of finding a way to mark the moment. You sure did that!
    Clive Maloney recently posted…How to Improve Your Marketing CopyMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Clive! Glad you enjoy my stories and that now you know Peter Max is the famous artist of the “Love” image, one of my all-time favourites. And I love the point you got from the story, that it is up to us to create the memories for the moments that mean the most to us. And I enjoy that not only did I get my keepsake, but that I got to give Peter Max a keepsake too. Appreciate your support always!

  • Leslie Block says:

    I love bucket lists! Your list is quite colorful, love Peter Max’s art work, how cool you got to meet him. I would love to read your book Beverley.
    Leslie Block recently posted…How Your Gut Bacteria Affects Your Brain and BodyMy Profile

    • Thanks Leslie! Glad you enjoyed my book’s bucket list and it might be as colourful as Peter Max’s artwork. It’s very cool that I got to reconnect with him and give him a copy of my book…autographed too! I’d love to have you read my book too, Leslie! And to hear your review once you do. 😉

  • Katarina says:

    Lovely story Beverley about Peter Max’s art and your meeting with him. That must have been so exciting for you. 🙂

  • Little did I know that a few months ago, I would be on a cruise where one evening most of the art to be auctioned was Peter Max. We didn’t purchase any as my walls are full, nor could I sell my sister-in-laws boyfriend who bought tons of other lovely art. A few people did bid and I felt so happy for them.
    My personal bucket list has been almost fulfilled & so I need to ponder deeply what else.

    I also think that you looked radiant that night- no way could Peter resist you.

    • Sounds like those who bid on Peter Max’s art work are in the know, as he is highly collectible if his style suits you. I would always “find” room on my walls for another Max, as I love his work that much. I will be curious to hear what additions you add to your already complete bucket list, Roslyn, as knowing the little bit I do about you, there is most likely another adventure in the near future. And thanks for the compliment on the photo, as it was definitely an evening where I was shining with anticipation the entire evening! Definitely a fun memory!

  • Carol Rundle says:

    You have such colorful stories, Beverley! I remember having Peter Max bed sheets as a kid! How I could actually sleep on all those wild colors I’ll never know.
    Carol Rundle recently posted…Why Don’t I Feel Worthy or Deserving of Success?My Profile

    • That’s wild that you had Peter Max bed sheets when you were a kid, Carol! Oh my goodness that would have been a trip for sure. I love everything about his art and who he is as a person. I thank you for your support and glad you find my stories colourful too!

  • What I love is how you dream an idea…imagine how to manifest an action (which is

    always fun)…and then take the risk to make it happen. I bet it’s exciting to write and certainly

    it’s terrific to read.

    Can’t wait to read about Daryl Hall and John Oates.

    • Thanks so much Sharon! I appreciate how you share with me how you see me. It is always a welcome observation. Believe me sometimes, I do sit on the fence and yet when I am “sure” about something, I just go into manifestation mode right away and figure that the pieces will fall into place on their own. I call them cosmic puzzle pieces. As far as Daryl Hall…he has been a bit more elusive for me it seems, yet years ago, our paths seemed destined to cross. Full story in “Confessions” of course. 😉

  • Peter Max! Oh, my, that’s a blast from the past. Love his artwork. Re bucket list: I don’t have anything quite so formal, but one day I’m going to travel to the Pacific Northwest and explore. I love road trips!

    • Although Peter Max is a blast from the past, he is still going strong and as current and active as ever, Jackie! Still love him as you can tell. Love your bucket list travel wish. I have been to B.C. and to Seattle and Portland and imagine a road trip up that coast will be spectacular! I’ve wanted to drive through Oregon and Washington as well. Fabulous scenery all the way!

  • Beverley this was another awesome post. I love the way you have manifested these things into being. I’ve manifested too..though on a smaller scale. 🙂 I am working on manifesting bigger things. Love your energy in your writing. Thank you for sharing. I think I’m going to order your book too!

    • So happy to hear you enjoyed this post Tamara! I love manifesting these kinds of experiences and I love hearing that you are working on manifesting on a bigger scale for yourself too. I would be very honoured to have you read “Confessions” and to read some of the crazy stories that have contributed to my life so far.

  • hazel says:

    i LOVE this! I know the feeling of meeting a fave idol, the butterflies, the giddiness.
    hazel recently posted…Playing tourist at home in San FranciscoMy Profile

  • Renee says:

    Seems like your journey is complete and yet a new one begins just in turn. This is what’s so great about dreams coming true and why bucket lists are so wonderful to have. For me, my bucket list does not exist so much on paper, as in your Confessions book, but rather in my heart, mind, and soul. Maybe one day my bucket list will materialize in a book too. Seems like a such magical experience you’ve had. Best 🙂
    Renee recently posted…Who is Responsible for Your Success?My Profile

    • Thanks Renee for reading and sharing and although your bucket list may not be on paper, it certainly is alive and well if it so strongly lives within your heart, mind and soul. And you never know, maybe your bucket list will materialize in a book too. All things are possible in life. This particular experience, and actually many of my life experiences, have seemed to happen magically, but then again I strongly believe in magic, so maybe that’s why they occur that way. 🙂 And yes, when one journey ends, it seems there is always a new beginning for us all.

  • Fantastic post Beverley ! Enjoyed reading about your experiences 🙂 That is so awesome that you got to meet the author of one of your favorites! Lucky you 🙂 Yes I do know about “bucket lists” I have a few things on mine lol
    Joan Harrington recently posted…Make Your Blog Posts More ConversationalMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Joan! Glad you enjoyed the read about my book’s bucket list. It was a very surreal and awesome experience to get re-meet artist Peter Max for sure. Glad to hear that you have a bucket list you are working on too. 🙂

  • I loved this post – it is truly an example of leading by example. And what a pay off – one bucket list item down. I can’t wait to hear about your next adventure.

    My bucket list is ever evolving. But right now a main one is to go to the UK with my boyfriend. It’s like a massive bucket with lots of little list items to check off – my first visit to the UK, Leif’s first time out of the country, such exciting things ahead. Thanks for sharing this post.
    A. Lynn Jesus recently posted…Hurry Up… And WaitMy Profile

    • Thanks so much A. Lynn for sharing your immediate item on your bucket list and how it also has its own little lists streaming off from the main one. It actually sounds like it will be a fun experience for both you and Leif and I can already feel it manifesting for you both! It is so much fun to create these lists and then to see the things happen and get checked off, one by one. Glad this post was enjoyed by you and I appreciate your sharing your “list” too.

  • Dalisse says:

    That’s awesome!! Talk about speaking your dreams and desires into existence!! Then you were featured in the online gallery with your book in hand. (Free Marketing) Amazing story!!

    • Thanks for getting the part where me and my book were featured in Peter Max’s online gallery. Just happened perfectly as I was holding the book so tightly and somewhere in my consciousness did know to hold the cover face out, I guess. Glad you enjoyed the story! Enjoyed living it.

  • Amazing story! I love it! I am a strong believer in speaking things into existence so yes, I have quite a few bucket list items that I am living in expectation of coming true. I also know that we no longer live in a world of six degrees of separation. Due to the internet, it’s more like 3 degrees. I know somebody who knows somebody who either is or knows the person I want to connect with. On my list is Tony Robbins and Oprah. That list was longer but I have met most everyone else. I love the idea of your book having a bucket list. As a new author myself, that’s a pretty awesome way to look at things.
    Coach Niquenya recently posted…3 Simple Words to Create Mindset ShiftMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Niquenya! You totally got the essence of why this piece was so very exciting to manifest into happening. I also believe that we are closer than we think to those we want to connect with, although I still am working on manifesting Daryl Hall and the third person on my list. It is Oprah as well, as she happens to be the inspiration for the TV talk show host who conducts the interview conversation throughout the book. Amazing to hear that you have met almost all the people on your list and it feels to me like you are getting closer to the last two. Maybe we can manifest a joint Oprah meeting. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the concept of my book having a bucket list too. It just felt right to me! Thanks for sharing your voice here.

  • Lucky lady, yes the patience paid off and you got your picture. YAY! That is awesome Beverley. How we cherish those little moments, they make everything a little more special and make great memories. Kudos to you and many more like these to come! x0x
    Savvy Solutions for the Female BizPreneur (Norma Doiron) recently posted…Lose the Confusion | Distractions | Hop on a Solid Path to ClarityMy Profile

    • It was definitely worth the wait and happy I practiced patience, Norma. YAY is right. I have such vivid memories of meeting Peter Max now two times and look forward to making more of these memories as life unfolds. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm.

  • Lovely storytelling. You write so well. I didn’t know Peter Max although I recognize the images. I do know Daryl Hall, I loved Hall and Oats music in my teens. Looking forward to hearing how that one comes about.
    Heather Cameron recently posted…Ignite Your Market Survey: What Does Your Business Need?My Profile

    • Thanks for reading Heather and I appreciate your support for my writing. Longtime interest in both Peter Max and in Daryl Hall and I can’t wait to share the story when that reunion finally happens. It is taking a bit longer than I would like (of course I”m impatient), however, I am trusting it is already in the works. Still love Daryl Hall and John Oates and their music is as current today as it was back then. Appreciate your voice here, many thanks!

  • Michelle says:

    What an absolutely delightful story Beverley. I was hanging on your every word in anticipation of the final destination! Your journey could have no better end than to meet with the great Peter Max! The universe most certainly conspired to fulfill your dream. I could literally feel the excitement before, during and after this fated encounter.
    Michelle recently posted…Managing Menopause Naturally!My Profile

    • So happy you felt the excitement and anticipation in this story, Michelle. It was actually a bit surreal, just like the first time I met Peter Max and what resulted from that. The Universe was absolutely conspiring to allow this to happen and it was fun, if not a bit tense at moments, until he finally arrived and I got my opportunity to reconnect with him and give him a copy of my book. Having him sign a copy of my book as well, was the icing on the cake, as they say. Appreciate your support and sharing in the journey with me through my piece!

  • ashley p says:

    Love that you made your way to Florida – we were there also!
    ashley p recently posted…List Of Ottawa Sugar BushesMy Profile

    • The timing was divinely perfect last year when this happened. Almost as if it was meant to be. 🙂 Glad you also had a Florida escape and hope it was equally enjoyable for you as a Disney lover.

  • This is a wonderful picture of you both. I hope you have it framed. You must be very pleased with how this all turned out.. onto your next bucket list fulfillment. I know you saw their concert which is a first step.
    Roslyn Tanner Evans recently posted…Wedding Planning: Customized Wedding JewelryMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Roslyn. I couldn’t have been happier or delighted to actual have the picture taken and then to find it was actually posted on Peter Max’s site. Even now when I google Peter Max, on some browsers the picture actually shows up. Next is definitely Daryl Hall as you know. Not sure how or when, however, I continue to manifest that possibility and know it will happen…eventually. The concert certainly brought back lots of memories and I am considering the “how” to get it all to unfold perfectly. Thanks for your support on this, as always.

  • I love the “books with bucket lists concept. While having our books published is an awesome accomplishment, it is easy to stop there and not use it as an opportunity for more opportunities.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks so much Sharise! Glad the books with bucket lists concept struck you as a possibility too! Why not? Yes, I still have a few things that I want to tick off my book’s bucket list and am working on manifesting those all the time. You just never know in life how the next connection will unfold. Appreciate your comments too.

  • WOW! I love the pic of you with Peter Max! So cool! AND so glad you had him sign a copy of “Confessions” for you. How could you forget that? LOL! Once can feel the happiness and excitement in your post. I love it! 🙂
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted…Learn Why We Love GanodermaMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Alexandra! It was certainly another of my surreal moments and having the picture and the signed book is an incredible way to remember them. Thanks so much for your wonderful support, and I am so happy you really got the excitement and how happy making it felt. A very special night indeed! 🙂

  • I grew up knowing all about Peter Max and then read your story. I felt the excitement and it was as if it had happened to me. Now, reading your recent meet with him, I remember your Facebook posts and how thrilling it had to have been. I then went on a cruise & had never attended an art auction. We did and saw many Peter Max art. Was tempted, but my walls are full. Watched as people bid and knew they would be treasures for life.
    Roslyn Tanner Evans recently posted…Wedding Planning: Customized Wedding JewelryMy Profile

    • It’s interesting that Peter Max is as timely now as he was back in the 60’s and 70’s and people still find him current and collectible. Glad you felt the excitement of my meetings with Peter Max, both in my book and this more recent reunion. He is someone who I have admired and aspired to both meet and own artwork of. I actually have several pieces I bought from the same auction company you saw on the cruise, when they used to come to Toronto. His work is very joyful and his colours and themes seem to resonate with so many people, both young and those like us, who remember his from back in the day!

  • OMG I love Peter Max. He’s one of my idols. I once met Chihuly and for me it was like meeting one of the Beatles.

    Tina Boomerina recently posted…I Love Hats Because I Hate my Horrid HairMy Profile

    • Oh my Tina…you and I do have a LOT in common. I’ve adored Peter Max for years and even have a chapter in my book about the crazy day I met him and the resulting piece of original art I ended up with. That must have been really exciting to meet Chihuly. I’m a huge fan too. Did you see that I also have a chapter about Daryl Hall in my book? He’s next on my list to reconnect with and be able to hand him a copy of “Confessions”. Thanks for reading and sharing.