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Is Tea the New Coffee?

By September 1, 2011August 22nd, 2016Food, Health, Healthy Living

Tea_Beverley GoldenThere is a not so quiet revolution brewing all around us. If you’re a coffee drinker, you may not have even noticed. Tea is taking over, not only our imaginations, but it’s changing the retail landscape as well. Specialty tea shops are opening at a record pace, in response to growing demand.

Astute entrepreneurs are aware of the recent Agriculture Canada food-trends study, projecting that tea consumption will grow by 40 percent by 2020. That’s a lot of tea! This trend is confirmed by he U.S. Tea Association, as they saw a dramatic rise in imports in 2014, with total hot tea sales increasing more than 15% over the last 5 years. Impressive considering we’re in an economy where many industries aren’t faring so well.

This news is not too surprising to me, as I’ve always been a loyal tea only drinker. Coffee has never captured my palate, event though its aroma is often seductive. Although I’ve taken a sip on several occasions just to try it, I quickly return to tea.

Tea Has a Rich HistoryLady seated with cup of tea_tea party

Tea is associated with great history and ceremony. After water, tea is the world’s most widely consumed beverage. Its origins date back to Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, 2737 B.C., where it is reported that a leaf from a nearby tree, blew into a pot of water he was boiling.

When I think of the descriptions associated with tea — steeped, infused, restorative, contemplative, inner peace and calm — I might be inclined to call it the yoga of hot drinks. In many ways, tea is the direct opposite of coffee.

Coffee is often linked to hectic schedules and energy rushes in the midst of stress-filled days. Tea is associated with comfort, slowing down the pace and with tradition and ritual. Coffee stimulates. Tea calms. While coffee disrupts sleep and can create an acid stomach, tea soothes and restores. Coffee is percolated and guzzled, providing a buzz. Tea is steeped then sipped, and can bring you back to your center.

Branding consultant Bruce Philp has explained that everyone can find a way to engage and introduce tea into their lives. “Tea is intimately social, it’s contemplative and the experience you have is enlightening. That’s rarefied air — I don’t think there are many other beverages that can compete.”

High tea offers a celebratory and refined experience. Afternoon tea offers an opportunity to take a moment out of our hectic day and relax. When we’re sick or melancholic, the comforting and consoling nature of tea is well-known.

Health Benefits of Tea

Green tea_Beverley GoldenTea is fast becoming a staple of the health conscious as well. Rich in antioxidants and providing a healthy boost to the cardiovascular system, it’s an ideal complement to today’s wellness movement. Specialty teas are even showing up in coffee shops across North America.

Green tea is perhaps the most popular, as its numerous health benefits have been widely reported in the last few years. Tea generally has a long and rich healing history in most cultures, with many herbal combinations available. Checking the names of some of the popular blends, you’ll see the wide range of health concerns they address. Sleep problems, weight loss, and stress relief are just a few.

There’s an ongoing debate about the caffeine content of coffee compared with that of tea. The Tea Advisory Panel reports that tea contains significantly less caffeine than coffee, containing one-third of the amount of caffeine when comparing cup for cup. Because tea contains approximately 99% water, it can be an important source of fluid to count towards your daily intake.

Tea and Brain Health

New research shows that the benefits of tea that improve biomarkers for reducing the risk of heart disease, may improve brain health as well. The antioxidants in tea may be one way to help protect brain cells from environmental insults from free radicals. L-theanine in tea has been shown to directly affect areas of the brain that control attention and ability to solve complex problems.

A recently published long-term study of nearly 30,000 adults found that drinking three or more cups of tea per day was associated with a 69% reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Research presented at the 2007 Scientific Symposium on Tea and Health, showed that theanine, an amino acid that is for the most part uniquely found in tea (green and black), may help prevent age-related memory decline.

Tea and Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis

Although high caffeine intake has been suggested to be a risk factor for reduced bone mineral density (BMD), drinking tea has been linked to higher bone mineral density (BMD) and has been shown to boost bone-building markers and improve muscle mass. Both of these may reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fracture.

Compared to non-tea drinkers, tea drinkers have been found to have a higher BMD. Research suggests that polyphenols in green tea may help improve bone quality and strength. One study found that drinking tea was associated with a 30 percent reduced risk in hip fractures among men and women 50 years of age or older.

All Tea is Not Created Equal

Tea_hand picked_Beverley GoldenAll tea is not created equal. Black, green, oolong and white teas are derived from the leaves of the evergreen shrub, Camellia sinensis. Herbal teas are created from herbs and spices. The most popular growth in retail tea shops is in the loose-leaf category, where consumers purchase their teas to take home and brew. The range of varieties available is quite impressive.

How do you create your own perfect cup of tea? Use a teapot which you have rinsed out first with warm or hot water. Start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil. For the best cup of tea, don’t add the bag or leaves to a pot of boiled water, but pour your boiled water over the leaves or tea bags.

A good ratio is one teaspoon of tea to four ounces of water. Steep black and herbal teas for five minutes. Green and oolong, three to four. Apparently, serious tea drinkers only add a touch of milk to their cup. Must be the rebel in me, as I choose to use organic cream (cream is generally a no-no) and much more than a touch. Especially as new research shows that full-fat dairy can help maintain weight and reduce the risk of diabetes too.

Daily Rituals

Cups of Tea at a Starbucks CafeTea has become an important part of my daily ritual. My passion for walking now includes a purposeful walk each morning to my neighbourhood Starbucks, where I patiently wait. Not to order some complicated morning coffee, but to stand in line, quietly anticipating my daily cup of tea. Make mine a Chai. In India, Chai means tea. Mine is a venté with one loose-leaf filter bag of organic black tea, perfectly blended with delicate and exotic spices, topped with steamed cream. Who would choose coffee with this rich treat available to start your day?

Seems I’m not alone, as many confirmed coffee lovers now indulge in Chai. I leave the shop to finish my walk, sipping my cup of Chai. I feel in harmony with my surroundings, in a state of peaceful inner calm. All this, from a simple cup of tea.

Tea as a Healthy Lifestyle Choice

As I wrote about in my post, Health is Truly a Matter of Choice(s), tea is a healthy lifestyle choice. As a Health and Vitality Consultant, I see how even simple changes can make a huge difference in how people feel. I’ll work with you to prepare a personal Health Plan to address your health concerns.

It’s easy to get started. Simply start with the True Health Assessment which only takes 10 minutes. You’ll receive a personalized report in three sections. The first identifies your top health risk factors. The second maps out a recommended lifestyle plan that identifies ways you can improve your health. The third provides you with individualized nutrition recommendations based on your specific assessment answers. After this, we’ll set up a time to talk. Wishing you good health and your favourite cup of…

So, which one appeals to your palate — tea or coffee?

Beverley Golden

Beverley Golden is a writer, storyteller, peacenik and health & vitality consultant, who loves testing unconventional ways to shift paradigms in the playing fields of health and wellness, storytelling and creativity as a path to world peace. Her passion is turning the “impossible” into the possible, using her own experiences with a lifetime of health issues, to inspire and support others to live their life to the fullest. You're invited to a Complimentary Health Consultation, starting with the True Health Assessment that offers a customized personalized snapshot of how healthy you are in the areas of lifestyle, heredity and nutrition. Contact me to get started!


  • Emila says:

    There’s no comparison between tea and coffee because both have different and amazing taste. I really enjoy this reading. Thank you for sharing it.
    Emila recently posted…10 Best Blender For Smoothies in 2021 – Buyer’s guideMy Profile

  • Sophie says:

    Hi Beverley, Thanks for sharing this post. I agree with you. But by this post you can not change people’s habit. Different people different taste. I also drink both. I get different taste. But i love coffee more. Your shared idea is really helpful for people who love tea more. Keep it up.
    Sophie recently posted…Free De Valencia Cinematic Display FontMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Sophie. It’s always interesting to hear from people who like both tea and coffee and yes, they each would offer a different taste experience. As for me, I have always been a tea drinker and probably always will.

  • What a lovely article about benefits of various teas. I am a tea drinker and really like olive leaf tea after my food. It does help with metabolism too.

  • I’ve switched from coffee to tea recently and loving it. Do you have any great brand recommendations?
    Herbs for Today recently posted…Powerful Health Benefits of Herbal TeasMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ve been drinking Tazo Chai for a very long time and highly recommend the Tazo line of teas. High quality and great flavour!

  • I am one of those–I drink both a tea and coffee drinker, although I am not particularly fond on either one of them. I have Bulletproof coffee in the morning to give me a boost and then have green tea late afternoon for its health benefits. Only drink organic versions of both and I understand that both contain some health benefits, with tea being healthier.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted…5 Main Mindset Changes for Entrepreneurs – Part 1My Profile

    • That’s interesting to hear that you drink both, but aren’t really fond of either, Rachel. I agree with you about drinking organic tea too, as tea is heavily processed and making sure we get the best quality tea possible, ensures we also get optimal health benefits.

  • Summer says:

    Something funny about me…I love the smell of freshly ground coffee but I have never liked the taste, can’t stand it actually. I do not like the smell of tea but I typically have at least one cup of herbal tea a day. I drink it not only for the flavor but for the many health properties. thank you for sharing your take.

    • I’m like you Summer. I love the smell of coffee, but the few times I did try it, I couldn’t stand it either. Tea, other than Chai, doesn’t really have an appealing smell and yet, I drink tea everyday. Like you, I not only love the taste, but I know it is healthy for us.

  • Kimba says:

    I straddle the coffee/tea fence. Can’t give up my daily intake of java, but there is something innately comforting about a cup of tea on a cold day.
    Kimba recently posted…The View from the Sidelines Is A ChanginMy Profile

    • Like many people, Kimba, it seems that even the loyal, committed coffee lovers, still add some tea to their lives. Yes, tea is very comforting… for me, not just on a cold day, but everyday it seems. Thanks for weighing in on the coffee-tea conversation.

  • I’m a loyal coffee fan and don’t see that changing, but I’m also aware of the beneficial properties of tea. I like the associated rituals, especially High Tea having had the opportunity to treat myself in many countries over the years. But in the end, I’ve never been able to embrace tea as a replacement, I still prefer my cup of joe. On the plus side, a couple of years ago I replaced my soda habit with sun tea and often experiment with different varieties so it is true that tea has become a regular part of my life, just in a little different way.
    Marquita Herald recently posted…12 Timeless Truisms on Changing Your LifeMy Profile

    • What I do love hearing Marquita, is that even the very loyal coffee drinkers, are still open to adding some tea to their lives. Especially as new health benefits of tea keep being revealed. I like this idea of sun tea and am really happy that you replaced a soda habit with tea! That really is a healthy choice…

  • Tea is my life and I am so glad to read about all its positive attributes to brain, bones and just being a natural way to relax.
    I still like to make mine the old fashioned way with tea leaves – the ritual of making and enjoying my cuppa just makes each day special.
    Thank you for sharing your love of tea with a tea lover.

    • I really feel how passionate you are about tea, Betty, and how much it contributes to your daily life rhythm! I totally relate to it too. Having been a long-time tea lover, I really cannot imagine even one day without my warming and soothing cup of tea. Or two…

  • Beverley, you’re talking to a tea lover here. And milk never touches my tea! I drink robust green (gunpowder) or oolongs (tea kwan yin and more) all day long. Lovely to see it’s helpful even more than I already thought. Although, TBH, I’d drink it anyway!

    Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest) recently posted…Anatomy of a Rebrand, part 6. Almost over now!My Profile

    • Love your passion and commitment to tea, Sue! You are a purist for sure, especially hearing that robust, gunpowder green tea are a favourite along with oolongs. Yes, the health benefits continue to be revealed. So much so that it seems like a perfect choice for everyone to consider now! I’d also drink tea whether it was healthy or not. There is something about a good cup of tea that seems to warm my soul!

  • Tea is a magical drink, and the ritual involved in drinking it is a pleasure – however I really prefer the tannins of coffee in the morning. For me it’s 2 cups max of coffee in the morning, and then water and green tea over the day. Sometimes I drink a tisane before bed to help me sleep. This seems to be my sweet spot as far as hot beverages are concerned!

    • Agree with you Alexis, about tea being quite a magical drink. It does seem to have quite a history and ritual aligned with it. It’s good that you enjoy coffee in the morning and then add green tea over the rest of the day. Often people only do one or the other. I love the idea of a tisane before bed to help you sleep too. As sleep issues are one of my main challenges, it might be wise for me to add this to my sleep hygiene protocol.

  • Joyce Hansen says:

    Thank you for pointing out the correct way to make tea, Beverley. I’m developing a new and greater appreciation for tea. So many different varieties and flavors to choose from. I recently purchased some organic green tea and much to my surprise my husband has replaced his coffee with it. I’m going to be looking for only the organic brands from now on.
    Joyce Hansen recently posted…5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Simone BilesMy Profile

    • Your story about your husband is so interesting, Joyce. I love hearing he was able to replace his morning coffee with organic green tea. My sense is this might be happening more often than we know. Especially as the health benefits of tea are being shared everywhere these days! Yes, organic teas really are the best choice. Unfortunately teas are highly processed and the purer, the better.

  • It is very interesting.. the benefits of coffee and tea… and then the huge varieties of coffee and tea… of which I can’t drink any of them… but still interesting, the history in itself.
    Kristen Wilson recently posted…Search Engine Friendly versus Search Engine OptimizedMy Profile

    • It must be very interesting to see all the varieties of tea and coffee, Kristen, especially you don’t drink either. That is unusual in and of itself. I’ve known a few people who don’t do hot beverages, yet most people seem to favour one or the other.

  • Reba Linker says:

    Lol. Beverley, this is a post after my own heart! I think you know that I love my cup of tea (and my pot of tea as well!) This from you gave me a new insight: “When I think of the descriptions associated with tea — steeped, infused, restorative, contemplative, inner peace and calm — I might be inclined to call it the yoga of hot drinks. In many ways, tea is the direct opposite of coffee.”

    Perhaps tea is the feminine side of hot beverages while coffee is the masculine side? It works, doesn’t it?
    Reba Linker recently posted…Get Into the BodyMy Profile

    • I know that you are a confirmed tea lover, Reba! I am too. So delighted that that piece about the comparisons between tea and coffee resonated with you. I’d never thought of tea as the feminine side of hot beverages and coffee the masculine! What an interesting idea and yes, it really does work! xo

    • Reba Linker says:

      I love the scent of a guy that smells of coffee, tobacco & leather. I guess I’m looking for a Gaucho! (fantasy only, I’m a married gal!)
      Reba Linker recently posted…Get Into the BodyMy Profile

      • Reba…does your husband know this ‘fantasy’ of yours? Maybe he actually fits the bill. 😉 I am not a fan of tobacco or coffee on a man. Leather maybe!

  • Lori English says:

    A great article that really reminds me of how I enjoy different types of tea today such as green tea. I also can relate how tea was a favorite of my relatives. As a young child my mom would offer tea with the good china bowls. Today tea is know for medicinal effects and has always been a great way to congreate with others.

    • That’s a lovely memory of your mom serving tea in her good china bowls to guests, Lori. Tea really does have such ritual attached to it. Seems most people have some memory of tea playing a part in their lives. Yes, today tea is becoming the darling of the health world, as the multitude of benefits and its medicinal effects really are incredibly impressive. It’s hard not to include tea as part of our lives.

  • I have always been a coffee drinker and I only drink freshly brewed. People have tried to trick me & I’ve sent cups back in restaurants. Love tea when under the weather and am fond of iced tea. Just made a supply of green iced tea for next few days. I have noticed tea shops and cafes and have been to them as well.
    Lovely post and lots of room for cafes & tea shops, coffee drinkers and tea drinkers. No need to take sides.

    • My sense is that once someone is a coffee drinker, they stay a coffee drinker, Roslyn. Fresh brewed, I imagine, is really the best. It’s interesting how you love tea as a drink of comfort when you are under the weather, as that is one of teas wonderful elixir like qualities. Iced tea is really popular in the U.S. When I visit, I find I also order it in restaurants, partly because they do not add sugar. Yes, there are many new establishments for both teas and coffees and there is no competition, as it seems that whatever each of us likes, there is a place to go to enjoy it. Although maybe tea establishments are more focused on teas, whereas I see coffee establishments always seem to have tea too! Hope you enjoyed your iced green tea these last few days!

  • Tamuria says:

    Things haven’t changed much for me since my comment last year – I still need a coffee (or three) to get me started but the ceremony of a tea party in the afternoon truly soothes the soul.
    Tamuria recently posted…EASY FATHER’S DAY CRAFTS TO MAKEMy Profile

    • Coffee certainly does grab hold of people it seems, Tami. And since you last read this, I added even more of the amazing health benefits of tea, making it such an attractive healthy choice. 😉 Yes, an afternoon, (or in my case a morning) tea, is what kicks my day off in the most perfect way.

  • Just today, I was thinking to myself that tea should become a typical part of my day. I can’t stand it though but I know it is good for me. So, I am thinking of just doing it anyways and thinking that I will grow accustom to it.

    • There are so many delicious teas available now, Renee, it would be wonderful to experiment and find one that you actually do love! There are even some that people say taste like coffee. Yes, once you get used to drinking tea, hopefully it will become one of your healthy habits for yourself.

  • I am a tea drinker, herbal tea is my favorite. When I want a boost of energy, I go for Chai as well. No sweetener, just tea for me. The first time I had Chai tea was going to get a massage at the near by spa in the mid 90s. I was hooked. The sense helps me enjoy the flavor even more. I am going to get a cup right now. =)
    Sabrina Quairoli recently posted…NEW Facebook Slideshow Advertising Feature To Attract New FansMy Profile

    • For a lot of people, trying Chai seems to have ‘hooked’ them, as you say Sabrina. I’ve also been drinking tea forever and I really enjoy my morning Chai with steamed cream. No sugar for me either. There are so many amazing herbal teas now, that I believe there is something for everyone’s palate. And of course, they are much healthier too!

  • What great history, Beverley! Although I’m a morning coffee drinker, I love my afternoon spot of tea.
    A decade ago, a group of us went to Crufts, then spent the week touring English Labrador show kennels. Everyone was so welcoming, and always brought out beautifully served tea. I grew so fond of it, I continued the practice when I got home. And a dear friend bought me a beautiful service, which really adds to the ritual.
    Susan Mary Malone recently posted…Should You Really Do What You Love?My Profile

    • Love hearing that you adopted the English afternoon tea habit, Susan. It’s fabulous to know how you were introduced to it and then saw how it could translate to your life once you were home. A beautiful service, certainly does add to the ritual, doesn’t it? I’ve been fortunate to have several beautiful China cups and saucers given to me. Although I don’t use them, I really appreciate the history they have and the people who used them to enjoy their afternoon cup of tea! Enjoy…

  • I am a coffee girl, though I’m cutting down on that too. I have noticed more of my friends ordering tea and various baskets given as donations to some charities I work with are baskets filled with tea pots, teas, etc. When I think of tea, I think of the afternoon tea rituals in England when they take time out of their day for tea and simple conversation – something we should all get back to – the basics of a good conversation – over tea or coffee … or wine!
    Tamara MacDuff recently posted…Fantasy Football Has Lessons For Social MediaMy Profile

    • I think tea does have a very long history and ritual that goes with it, Tamara. I’ve never been a coffee drinker so think it is great when people drink both. Although too much coffee is not a good thing, so great that you are cutting down. Tea has a more leisurely quality to it and does lend itself to long conversations and time out from the daily “grind” (sorry for the coffee reference). I love how many new blends and combinations of tea are available now, which makes it easier for even the die-hard coffee drinker to find something that pleases their palate!

  • I’m definitely a coffee gal, but I have always loved hot tea as well.
    Hubby and I have “Saturday morning relaxation time”, which is spent with coffee – we usually just grab Starbucks coffee during the week, with a packet or two of turbinado and a little coconut milk – there’s a Starbucks in our building at work. On the weekends though, we use our Keurig and brew fun flavorful blends, with some sort of flavorful creamer… Not listed in my clean eating guidelines BUT I consider it my one vice 😉
    I love a good chai or an Earl Grey in the afternoon, both are calming, gentle beverages 🙂
    Coach Natalie Palombi recently posted…Grilled Fruit KebabsMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing your coffee and tea preferences Natalie. It’s always interesting to hear that people can have a ritual for both. I noticed that Starbucks was now offering coconut milk and thought that was amazing, as more people move away from dairy. Sounds like your coffee ritual is both flavourful and fun and that you and your husband are on the same “coffee” wavelength too. 🙂 Although it isn’t healthy necessarily, sounds like your attitude to it is. Like your tea choices, I am all about a Chai in the morning to start my day. A little bit of steamed cream and voilà, I have a delicious “misto” which starts me off for the day.

  • Hi Beverley 🙂

    This is an awesome post on the benefits of tea. I am a coffee drinker myself and prefer it over tea but you have shared some interesting tips on why people should be drinking more teal.

    I find that I will drink a lemon and honey tea if I have a sore throat, so yes tea does soothe better than coffee lol

    Thanks for sharing! Really enjoyed reading!
    Joan Harrington recently posted…What You Need To Know About Permission MarketingMy Profile

    • It’s wonderful to hear that even though you are a coffee drinker, you still enjoyed reading about the benefits of tea, Joan! And there are so many kinds of tea that I believe even die hard coffee lovers would find some tea that appeals to their palate! Team with honey and lemon is great for when you’re ill, and also great as a wonderful and flavourful anytime drink! Thanks for sharing and happy you enjoyed reading it too! 🙂

  • I drink both coffee and tea, love them equally. Some days I could go without tea though (this one is the PM ritual) but I won’t probably love it too much if I had to give up coffee.

    However, it’s probably a habit and an experience more than the actual taste of what you drink. I sense it’s the same for you too, Beverley!
    Delia @ Happy Blogger Plaza recently posted…Why should you pay attention to blog formattingMy Profile

    • You could be partly right about our rituals and habits, Delia. I do love tea though and still enjoy trying new blends, although I generally seem to go back to my favourites over and over again. I do find it interesting that people move from tea to coffee, as I always thought people enjoyed one or the other. I learned something new from all the comments!

  • Tamuria says:

    I’m back again – like a bad penny (or maybe a lucky one) – but I just had to let you know about my new favourite tea – orange and cinnamon. It is absolutely delicious. 🙂
    Tamuria recently posted…FAIRY GARDEN CRAFTS TO MAKEMy Profile

    • I would say you are a lucky penny, Tamuria and I am always delighted to have you visit and comment! And…I remember seeing an orange and cinnamon blend in a tea shop in Arizona, and I can only imagine hoe delicious it is! Thanks for sharing your experience with it! 🙂

  • Joe Butka says:

    Tea has never appealed to me I tried it many many years ago, but I am a die hard plain old ordinary coffee guy. No fancy half cafe this or that, just good old fashion coffee. I love that smell in the morning when it starts brewing.
    Joe Butka recently posted…Is Social Media Taking over your Life?My Profile

    • It is rare to hear about someone who is a die hard plain old regular coffee person these days, Joe. I would say that is a testament to knowing what you like and sticking with it. Although I also enjoy the smell of coffee, I have not developed a palate for it and still reach for tea every time!

  • I’m sure Joe will express my stash of tea quite creatively 🙂 I LOVE tea. All different types for different moods. I’ve even used a particular brand and flavour to create a hot toddy. I have a wonderful green tea in front of me that even when it gets cold while I’m on the phone, it tastes amazing.
    Gisele Grenier recently posted…How Do You Jump Out of Your Comfort ZoneMy Profile

    • Sounds like you do have quite a stash of teas in your repertoire, Gisele. I totally relate! My cupboard is filled with all kinds of wild and wonderful concoctions and blends of fabulous teas. And to find such a wonderful green tea that tastes equally good hot or cold, is amazing indeed. Enjoy your stash! Sounds like Joe isn’t a tea lover…at all. 😉

  • Coming from a nation that has both tea drinkers in the north and coffee drinkers in the south and exports tea to the world, I’d say, there is a time to enjoy both depending upon the time of day, Beverley. So coffee is a must in the morning but 4 pm is tea time with some delicious snacks. 🙂

    I love the way you’ve followed the tea history trail. Here is a bit of trivia that I read many years ago about the lovely potato chip. Apparently there was a brother and sister pair who liked to cook in France and the sister accidentally dropped a potato peel into boiling oil while cooking. She put it aside and continued to cook but her brother thought she had created a new dish and ate the fried potato peel so much that they started to make chips!

    Sometimes small incidents lead to culinary revolutions, don’t they?
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…How to convey confidence with your eyebrowsMy Profile

    • Love the story of the discovery of the potato chip Vatsala, and yes, sometimes the simplest of occurrences do lead to the most wonderful new things, in both the food world and outside the food world.

      I do know that India is famous for traditional masala chai which has become so popular now in North American. Tea is a ritual in many countries and certainly India is very well known for their quality teas and the long history of contributing to tea culture. It is very interesting that people enjoy both coffee and tea, and maybe that is the biggest surprise for me in reading people’s comments on this piece. I’ve never taken to the taste of coffee and find there are so many choices now in the world of teas, that there is literally something for everyone’s palate.

  • Ian Campbell says:

    Hi Beverley, Tea is a drink that I do not particularly like and I have not seen the same trend over here in Australia. We seem to be a country devoted to our cappuccinos and lattes (lattes are my fav) and I have yet to see a tea only cafe. Love the story about the leaf falling into the boiling water. 🙂
    Ian Campbell recently posted…Top 15 Ways To Build Your Subscriber ListMy Profile

    • Interesting to hear how certain habits are more popular in one area of the world than another. As more and more teas come to market, I imagine you will see a shift in Australia too. One thing I recently learned in my health and nutrition team is that Australia requires labelling of glycemic index which is actually ahead of the curve here in Canada or the U.S. Yes, the story about the leaf blowing into the cup of boiling water is quite magical when you realize how simply a new trend can start! 🙂

    • This is true Ian – it depends on the country and sometimes, the area of the country. Typically what is being seen is that what was/is coffee “places” are turning more toward tea and the tea cultures are turning more to coffee. They both have health benefits. I believe it has more to do with being bored and being trendy! This from a coffee and tea company owner! lol

      • Thanks for weighing in Sharon, as you are definitely an expert and more in the know on the tea and coffee trends we are seeing around the world. Interesting that tea places are turning to coffee and vice versa too. The stats show that teas are on the increase though. I think health is a big factor and I also see how many new “tea” flavours and combinations are being introduced all the time. Even the national brands, who rarely did specially flavours, seem to be joining the trend and introducing new flavours all the time. Especially in the green tea arena. That has become the new “it” tea for the last few years it seems. Appreciate you reading and commenting.

  • I’ve bought myself a stash of organic coffees, now it’s to use them. I have a hard time getting used to them… Any tips??? 🙂
    [email protected] recently posted…Success: Very Closely Related to BASIC ON-SITE SEOMy Profile

    • Hi Norma. I think you meant organic “teas” although you typed coffees. 😉 I imagine some preferences die hard, especially for the diehard coffee lovers. As far as teas, I would honestly start with high quality tea bags, as that way you can sample and try several different ones without investing a lot of money in loose leaf teas and learning to make tea in the old fashioned steeping way! Enjoy them though.

  • Tamuria says:

    What a fun article. I often wonder how we start to do things – a leaf blowing into a cup, can it be that simple? I cannot start my day without strong coffee but in the afternoon it’s tea all the way. I’ve collected a few pretty cups and saucers and I love the ceremony of a tea party.
    Tamuria recently posted…STARTING A BLOG – KEEP SMILING!My Profile

    • Thanks for noticing the simple happening that led to something as wonderful as “tea”, Tamuria. It is interesting how many people love coffee and tea, as I thought most people were one or the other. It sounds like many people are like you and love coffee first thing in the morning and then enjoy afternoons with tea and ceremony. I also have some beautiful tea cups and saucers, family keepsakes handed down to me. The china tea cup is truly a beautiful memory of the tradition of tea drinking and the family who loved it for me.