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The Ineffable Wonder of Clouds

IMG_1475When you hear the word ‘cloud’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? In our technology-driven world, I imagine that you might think of ‘cloud’ in relation to the internet; a generally used term for anything that involves delivering hosted services there. Hmm. The word ‘clouds’ conjures up something wonderfully and dramatically different for me.

For as long as I can remember, (and perhaps as an air sign who relates to life this way), I’ve always been the girl looking up, drawn into a mysterious celestial world of blue skies and mesmerizing clouds. For many years, I honestly believed that I was part of a small minority who were quietly fascinated and captivated by clouds. Maybe because people always seem to me to be, well, so grounded and earthbound. In an effort to spread my joy to others, I’d point to the sky, encouraging them to look at what I was seeing above us and compare notes. Sometimes it worked.

Solitary Pursuits

Cloud watching often happens as a solitary pursuit. I get that, as I do solitary very well. It doesn’t matter which clouds roll by, I’m intrigued by them all. Of the things I miss most during the endless gray winter months here in Toronto, is the temporary disappearance of the richness and fertile landscape of clouds.

My ears perked up and I smiled, when I heard a specific line in the India Arie song “River Rise”, thinking she had written this particular line about me. “I was always, a charmed flower child. I would sit for hours and listen to the sky”. If you know anything about me or have read my book Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie, this might not surprise you. I’m happy to confess that this is what I do. I listen to the sky. Tune into the cosmos and let the ideas flow to me. Trust my intuition, knowing this is where my inspiration comes from. A vast divine playing field that fuels my imagination.

Peter Max and the Cosmos

After reading artist Peter Max’s latest book, The Universe of Peter Max, and then reconnecting with him recently as I wrote about here, I related to his sharing that the cosmos has been his inspiration from an early age as well. The cosmos and clouds show up in many of his most loved artworks. The magical, mystical quality in his art, speaks loudly to so many I believe, because of this heavenly, cosmic influence.

Imagine my sheer and utter delight when I happened upon fellow whimsyist Gavin Pretor-Pinney’s Ted talk, “Cloudy With a Chance of Joy. It currently has over one million views and is an absolute must watch!Gorgeous Fluffy Clouds in a blue sky

Worldwide Cloud Appreciators

Without a moment’s hesitation from ‘clouded’ vision, I jumped at the chance to join his Cloud Appreciation Society and became part of a tribe of cloud watchers, currently 35,000 plus strong in over 100 countries around the world. Who knew so many others had this curiosity and fascination with clouds?  I felt relieved. An exciting discovery for me, finally dispelling the belief that I was virtually alone in my lifelong cloud passion. I’m still curious why cloud watching for adults, remains a nostalgic pursuit reserved for childhood.

Now proudly, I keep my eyes skyward, exploring and learning about a multitude of cloud formations, compliments of the official Cloud Spotter app on my iPhone. As I walk daily, with my feet not so firmly on the ground and head in the clouds, I experience a magnificent display of nature’s beauty and am able to chronicle and share my individual view from down here. I’m awed by the spectacular photos fellow cloud appreciators from around the world share there too.

Heavenly Landscapes of CloudsWonderful Sunset with Various Clouds

What never ceases to amaze me are the formations I see; formations that seem to relate directly to who I am. Elephants are a huge theme for me, (I’m a devoted elephant crusader), and they appear in the clouds everywhere, all the time. When I asked Pretor-Pinney via email, if he had any idea for the reason behind my continued elephant cloud sightings, he replied, “There is a long history of associations between elephants and clouds – mostly due to early Hindu myths about the creation of the world”. Interesting. Personally, I believe that what shows up for you in the clouds, what you see, is what colours your life down here on earth. Think about what you see in the clouds. I couldn’t agree more with him when he says that clouds are “the most diverse, evocative, poetic aspect of nature.”

The World is Speeding Up

Ironically, in a world that is indisputably continuing to speed up, we realize that it’s become increasingly imperative that we find our own personal ways to slow down. Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive is in fact about “redefining success and creating a life of well-being, wisdom, and wonder”, in spite of being inundated by perpetual stress that the business of modern day life almost demands.

Watching clouds, is the perfect past-time, an ideal antidote that offers us a way to slow down and find inner calm. As Pretor-Pinney says “It’s like a bit of everyday meditation.” And, “It legitimizes doing nothing”. I’m now a dedicated cloud meditator.

In my personal experience, cloud watching is a lofty and healthy escape from daily, earthly life. Watching clouds offers us an easy way to reconnect with our wonder. It stimulates my creativity and puts me in touch with something that is simply…ineffable. Similar to creating art or music or writing, it connects me with my soul and brings me inner peace. “Doing nothing”, never felt so good to me. I’m committed to doing it often.

I encourage everyone to ‘look up’ sometime soon and take advantage of this free, spectacular, ever-changing heavenly display available to us all, compliments of Mother Nature. You just might discover what you see above you, is breathtaking and beyond words!

What things help you slow down and bring you wonder in life?Beautiful Sunsets_Clouds in the Sky

Beverley Golden

Beverley Golden is a writer, storyteller, peacenik and health & vitality consultant, who loves testing unconventional ways to shift paradigms in the playing fields of health and wellness, storytelling and creativity as a path to world peace. Her passion is turning the “impossible” into the possible, using her own experiences with a lifetime of health issues, to inspire and support others to live their life to the fullest. You're invited to a Complimentary Health Consultation, starting with the True Health Assessment that offers a customized personalized snapshot of how healthy you are in the areas of lifestyle, heredity and nutrition. Contact me to get started!


  • I love the reminder that you provided Beverley: Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies. It made me think of how all of us have the potential for true happiness and freedom within us right now. I don’t think most people see it. Instead, they focus on the problematic grey clouds. They never realize the beautiful blue sky that always exists just behind them.

    I’m off to check out the Ted talk you mentioned.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted…Create a Toleration-Free ZoneMy Profile

    • I love how that quote had you thinking about how we all have such inner potential and yet often don’t recognize it, Rachel. Often we don’t see the enormity of who we are and what we have to offer the world and unfortunately that deprives the world of our gifts. There is always a blue sky somewhere waiting for us and all we have to do is open to it. Hope you enjoyed the TED Talk. I loved it and know others have too.

  • I loved Gavin’s TED talk! I remember laying on the ground as a child and watching the clouds float across the sky, totally fascinated as I watched them claim a shape and change into another almost simultaneously. I still say the best sunsets have to have clouds, and when I’m on the courts, clouds are my best friends! 🙂 Awesome post, Beverley; I hope others slow down enough to find their own “elephants” as well.
    Liz Benoit Cozby recently posted…How to Survive the Cupcake–no, the ZOMBIE–APOCALYPSEMy Profile

    • So happy you took the time to watch Gavin’s TED talk! I felt exactly the same way the first time I saw it, Liz! I felt like he was talking just to me. It sounds like this post brought back some very sweet childhood memories and that clouds still hold the same fascination for you now, as when you were a child. Although I can’t remember if I loved clouds as a child, I feel that I must have and that it has never left me. Thanks for the thumbs up on this post and I always hope people will join me in my ‘eyes to the sky’ cloud watching. Anyone who is with me, always hears when there is an elephant overhead. xo 🙂

  • One of the best things about living in the Keys is having open horizons — unblocked by buildings or even tall trees — all around. The summer is especially beautiful for clouds as within 360 degrees, I can often see 6 or 7 summer storm systems emptying their bellies over the water. Love it!

    • I haven’t been to the Keys in many, many years, Jackie, but from your description it sounds exquisite! I imagine having those 360 views would be like eye candy, not knowing where to look first! I’m attempting to imagine seeing 6 or 7 summer storm systems happening all at once! Fabulous and something I would enjoy as often as I could too!

  • Stella Chiu says:

    Hi, Beverley

    Cloud watching is one of forms of solitude. I do not know there are international organizations for people watching clouds.

    The most enjoy moment for cloud watching is sunset. The sunset color enchants the beauty of the cloud.

    Enjoy the post a lot!

    Stella Chiu
    Stella Chiu recently posted…7 Ways to achieve Life with BalanceMy Profile

    • Happy to hear you are a fellow cloud watcher, Stella. It is a very solitary pursuit and one that brings calm and relaxation and for me, wonder. Yes, when I found out there was a cloud appreciation society, I was so excited! Imagine all these people around the world who were out there loving clouds the way that I do. I agree that sunsets that come after cloudy skies are incredible. The colours and the beautiful formations are awe-inspiring. Glad you enjoyed this post!

  • Like so many others I love clouds. Many years ago I was told by an ancient One that I was “Cloud Crow. ” (Very appropriate for a story teller.)

    He explained to me that Clouds are seen by his people to be the thoughts of the Creator.

    I never forgot his words a love clouds even so now

    • What a very powerful memory, Pauline! I love that you are “Cloud Crow” and that it means story teller. I might have to borrow that from you as it really resonates with who I am and how I see myself, as a story teller as well. I adore clouds and it sounds like you are another of the cloud appreciators in the world. Beautiful words to remember from some you respect and whose wisdom you have carried forward with you.

  • Karen Grosz says:

    So many thoughts. First I was cloud watching last evening. My husband and I have been sitting on our deck with our dog in the evenings chatting or reading. Yesterday I lay down and watched the clouds. It was so tranquil. I love that there is a Cloud Appreciation Society. Very fun. Finally when I read “look up” it reminded me of something totally different. As I have been growing in my faith of God, I have realized the times of trouble, I have been looking down or at least inward to me. I have been reminding myself to “look up” and that has made so much difference in how I see God working in my life. Thanks for the reminder of that as well.
    Karen Grosz recently posted…Savvy Health Round Up #7My Profile

    • Love how this post brought back so wonderful memories for you, Karen. It must be wonderful to sit on your deck and have the clouds above you to look up and enjoy. Many people have talked about laying down and watching the clouds and I must remember to do that for myself sometime too! There is a Cloud Appreciation Society and I know after reading this you found a Moon Appreciation Society too! Fabulous. Yes, the idea of “looking up” can mean a myriad of things to each of us, and I believe that many people do ‘look up’ to the heavens to God. It’s a wonderful way to take moments in the day, to stop and reflect and to be grateful and thankful for the blessings in our lives.

  • Hey Beverley,

    I know I commented before, but I wanted to comment again as I love how many different ways clouds form in the sky and just how beautiful it is to watch them move 🙂
    Joan M Harrington recently posted…Powerful Content Ideas For Your Facebook Live Streams To Boost Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting on this post again, Joan I hear that you are also a cloud lover and enjoy taking the time to watch the clouds morph and change before our eyes! 🙂

  • Love clouds! In fact, on of my favorite TED Talks is by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, – Cloudy With a Chance of Joy – and it’s all about the beauty of clouds. Otherwise, walking in nature or watching the sunset over the West Maui mountains while sipping a good glass of wine will do it for me every time. 🙂
    Marquita Herald recently posted…Reflections on the Power of TearsMy Profile

    • That talk is exactly what inspired this post, Marquita! And I had the opportunity to talk with Gavin via email and shared some of what he told me in the piece. Yes, where you live is the ideal place for cloud watching. My memories of Maui are similar to the west coast, where the clouds and the sunsets are like eye candy. It sounds like you are enjoying the view there to the max!

  • Beverley,

    Thank you for this lovely inspiration. We have an abundance of amazing clouds that are easily seen from our lanai (deck). It’s not easy for me to relax so I’m keen on giving cloud watching a try.

    • It sounds like you live somewhere that you can sit back and watch clouds anytime you want, Sandra. I highly recommend it and hope you find the wonder and relaxation that is there for the taking! Enjoy and look forward to hearing about your new found relaxation practice too.

  • Millen says:

    Cloud watching is one of my favorite “solitude” activities and I enjoy it so much! It’s one of those magical wonders of nature that I am always endlessly impressed and amused by! “It doesn’t matter which clouds roll by, I’m intrigued by them all.” – that’s how I feel about clouds. Beautiful adage, Beverley!

    • It’s so exciting to find so many other cloud watchers, Millen. Having been to Florida, I know how gorgeous the clouds are where you live. Absolutely breathtaking! They certainly are one of the magical wonders of nature indeed. Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy store and don’t know where to look first. Happy to know you relate to and feel the same way about clouds too. How could anyone not be fascinated by them!

  • Tricia says:

    I absolutely love taking pictures of the sky and clouds. I then post them to Facebook to see what others see as well. One of my favorite animals is the elephant

    • You are very similar to me in that regard, Tricia. I love using my cloud photos and putting quotes on them to share with others. Inevitably people are drawn to cloud photos, as like you mention, there is something in them that people relate to. I love elephants! I am always amazed at how I see elephants in the clouds wherever I go and yet I don’t think I actually have photographed too many of them as they morph and change so quickly! Love to see yours if you can find them.

  • I’ve been noticing clouds more lately. Just reread all of Tony Hillerman’s books about the Four Corners area. He talks about clouds a lot. I’m enjoying feeling more aware, enjoying looking up more.

    Thanks, Beverley, great post. Will pin it to my must-reads board now.
    Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest) recently posted…Gratitude even if. Gratitude no matter what.My Profile

    • Happy to hear you have been noticing the clouds more lately, Sue! I find that watching clouds offers me a new awareness as well. Glad you enjoyed this post and enjoy looking up!

  • Love, love, love angelic messages in the clouds. xoxo
    Natasha Botkin recently posted…Power of the VoiceMy Profile

    • Yes, Natasha. I love the divine messages from the clouds too. The clouds have been spectacular here for the last few weeks and it really has brought a heightened awareness to life again for me.

  • Staci Witten says:

    When I hear the word “cloud”, I still think of fluffy cotton ball like objects in the sky. LOL. I think it is my artistic traits always in conflict and wanting to over power my geeky side. But, wow…a cloud app! Very cool. It is always so relaxing just to take moments and watch the beauty of the clouds, how they move, shape, and form. Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s amazing how many of us love clouds and still have those childhood memories of big white fluffy cotton ball-like cumulus clouds, Staci. I still adore clouds and am mesmerized by the ever-changing formations. Yes, the cloud app is very cool, as it is educational and also whimsical and fun. Yes, cloud watching is very relaxing and very calming and something we all can do anytime there are clouds in the sky!

  • Julia says:

    Beautiful Beverley, I love your insights and especially:

    I listen to the sky. Tune into the cosmos and let the ideas flow to me. Trust my intuition, knowing this is where my inspiration comes from. A vast divine playing field that fuels my imagination.

    You have inspired me to look to the sky more myself, thank you.

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Julia! Tuning into the cosmos really is a way to unleash creativity and to tune into something grander than ourselves. I’m delighted this piece inspired you to look up at the sky more often!

  • Andrea says:

    Yes! I’m a long time cloud watcher and photographer, too. And thank you for highlighting the phrase “listening to the sky.” I’ve always done that… now I have words for it. <3
    Andrea recently posted…Some Thoughts on Self CareMy Profile

    • That’s wonderful Andrea! I love photographing clouds and often ‘forget” to include any signs of earth below. Sky photos are my favourite, as you can probably tell from the photos in this piece. Happy the idea of “listening to the sky” really resonated with you too. Especially hearing that that is what you are already doing. Enjoy!

  • Reba Linker says:

    LOVE this post! I am a confirmed cloud and star gazer, also an air sign (Gemini) – my favorite thing is to lie on the ground and look at the sky – the best of both worlds, I’d say!
    Reba Linker recently posted…Dive Into SummerMy Profile

    • How wonderful to hear about your cloud and star gazing, Reba! I’m also an air sign (Aquarius), with 5 other planets in air. For me, the sky is magical. I have to try lying on the ground and watching the clouds. I can use some grounding with all that air in my chart. xo

  • I’m going to have to tell my sister about the “Cloud Appreciation Society”, Beverley, because as young children we used to amuse ourselves looking at cloud formations in the back of the car when the family used to go for short breaks and there wasn’t much to do.

    Its a habit that has carried through into adulthood and I often look at the clouds to see if I can make out a shape, especially animals. 🙂

    A perfect sunset with clouds that take on a life of their own makes a wonderful setting for a nature meditation.
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…How to soothe your mind with nature walking meditationMy Profile

    • You sister would probably love the “Cloud Appreciation Society”, Vatsala. There is a whimsy and yet a lot of grounded information they share. And to know there are so many fellow cloud lovers around the world, is also wonderful. I think I’ve also watched clouds since I was very young. Something about the vastness of the sky and the amazing cloud formations that continue morphing and changing before our eyes. Also worlds unknown that often look like landscapes fascinated me too. I think for those of us who started watching clouds when we were young, it does continue on into adulthood, or for some, maybe it gets forgotten as we “mature”. I agree with you about a perfect sunset and how important the clouds are to create that. I love the idea it being a wonderful setting for a nature meditation. Next time I’m in Sedona, I will remember this. 🙂

  • I have always been fascinated with the sky… clouds, the moon, the stars, the sunset or sundown, the amazing colors that comes out of all of the above…

    but I loved the point… don’t let one cloud obliterate the whole sky… truth!
    Kristen Wilson recently posted…Create & CRUSH it on Facebook DIY StyleMy Profile

    • I really hear how impacted you are by the sky, Kristen. It is a wondrous vast playground to me too. I am in awe of the grandness and colours myself. Glad that quote from Anais Nin spoke to you. Yes, how often in life do we let one cloud obliterate the whole sky. A great reminder to look past and see a much bigger picture.

  • Kimberly says:

    AH! I LOVE clouds! And had no idea there was a “Cloud Appreciation Society”! I favor photos of interesting and beautiful clouds for my backdrops and images for my website… I also, have a Peter Max, which I love, and look forward to reading the piece you reference above…
    Thanks for the great piece!
    Kimberly recently posted…Your BeautifulMy Profile

    • Yay, Kimberly! A fellow cloud lover! Yes, I was so excited to discover the Cloud Appreciation Society and to know so many adults are passionate cloud watchers and photographing them too. So wonderful. Yes, to clouds around me too. I love that you are using them for backdrops and website images too. Hope you get to read the article on Peter Max, as it is truly an experiential piece and the way it unfolded…was beyond what I could have imagined. Glad you enjoyed this piece! It sounds like you are a true and passionate cloud person.

  • I smile when I see clouds. That is what they do to me. I loved learning about clouds in school and especially love flying into and around clouds.

    • You are definitely a cloud person, Roslyn. I have always loved them too and find it so fascinating to fly into and around clouds. It is almost surreal and feels like an other world I would love to explore.

  • Tamuria says:

    Finding the shapes in the clouds was always a favourite childhood game for me and now I love sharing it with the Goddesses. When we talk about the shapes we can make up whole stories about the creatures we see and what they are doing, which is wonderfully creative. Having said that, the solitary moments of cloud watching are especially precious – a glorious form of meditation that always brings a feeling of peace and joy.
    Tamuria recently posted…THIS IS THE EASIEST DOLL YOU’LL EVER MAKEMy Profile

    • Tami, you are a true cloud lover! I have also loved finding shapes in clouds and find it fascinating how the clouds morph and shift right before our eyes. It’s wonderful that you are sharing this with your Goddesses, and I can imagine how much fun you all are having together watching the clouds go by. It is a wonderfully creative way to stimulate imaginations and create stories. The clouds have been wonderful here the last few days, so I know what you mean when you say that those solitary moments of cloud watching are very precious. Everywhere you turn there is another heavenly landscape. Yes, a glorious form of meditation for me too and it does bring a sense of inner peace and wonder…nature is so grand!

  • Joan Potter says:

    Beverley – I really believe that a subconscious reason I like to live in the midwest is that sky views are unobstructed. I seldom have to look up to see clouds. Since the view is mostly unobstructed, I get to enjoy it much more than people in cities or along mountain ranges. That, and the lack of constant noise in the midwest makes me a lucky gal!
    Joan Potter recently posted…My Diet DiaryMy Profile

    • It sounds wonderful where you live, Joan. I can sense how calm and peaceful it is for you. And maybe it isn’t subconscious, but maybe some inner wisdom that knows where is healthiest and best for you to be. Yes, based on how you describe it, you are a very lucky gal indeed!

  • To this day, I still look at clouds and figure out what shape I can see out of each wisp. There’s something soothing about cloud watching. It’s a free, safe way to feel a calming effect when I need a break from stress. You mention the notion of doing nothing, and it struck a nerve. I’m not sure when or why we changed as a society, but doing nothing has become a negative activity that is often frowned upon. I now have to schedule time to do nothing so that I can give my mind and body a rest! Anyway, I’m happy to learn that cloud watching is enjoyed by other adults too and that Mother Nature continues to provide joy. 🙂

    • The fact that you look at the clouds and consciously see what shapes you are seeing, Meghan, is a really strong indication of who you are. I agree that there is something incredibly soothing about cloud watching. I am always fascinated by the incredible and ever changing landscapes. Yes, it’s free too, and it is such an easy way to stop and get outside and be in nature too. This idea of doing nothing really seems to be a tough one for so many of us now. We’ve created a 24/7 world where we are almost “expected” to be on and in action. All of my best ideas come in those moments when I am “doing nothing”. The clouds stimulate my creativity too. I was so excited to know there are thousands of us adult cloud watchers around the world too! I also agree that Mother Nature is a boundless opportunity to reconnect to our joy! 🙂

  • I love this idea. I too need to be able to disconnect and then return to reality. I like to go into my garden and water the plants. I like returning to nature to go to get grounded again.

    • I find the same thing you do from being outside in nature and watering my garden, Sabrina. There is something very soothing about it, so if you are doing it during the day…maybe look up and watch the clouds going by too! 🙂

  • Boy, did I ever need this reminder today, Beverley: “Watching clouds, is the perfect past-time, an ideal antidote that offers us a way to slow down and find inner calm.” Now, that would be the perfect antidote for me! So very true. And how I love to look up at clouds as well.
    Thank you for this.
    Susan Mary Malone recently posted…Inspiration from a Novelist: What Drives You?My Profile

    • I found that I haven’t been doing this lately myself, Susan, and each time I stop and watch the clouds above me, I am reminded of how incredibly calming and awe-inspiring it is. Happy this came at a perfect moment for you today too! Enjoy the heavenly landscapes. I imagine they are pretty fabulous where you are!

  • It could be my petite attention span, or my innate ability (or perhaps need) to “ping” and look at everything taking it all in all the time, but windows have always fascinated me. To this day friends and family catch me standing at the window and they always ask me what I am doing. When I tell them I am just looking that response is always received with a somewhat perplexed look back at me. There is something that always captivates me. Clouds are often part of the picture I see. This post has me smiling because I appreciate clouds much more now that I have moved to the high desert. We don’t always have them. In fact it can be rare that they pop into our sky. I purposely left the all too many clouds of “the Valley” (the area nestled between the Oregon Coast mountain range and the Cascades) because they were too full of precipitation. I especially adore clouds when we have spectacular sunsets. They are SO beautiful here and mesmerizing!
    A. Lynn Jesus recently posted…Mea Culpa… I Fell Off the WagonMy Profile

    • I think your appetite is very healthy and adds interest to life, A. Lynn. Glad that you have developed an appreciation for clouds having moved to the high dessert. Perhaps seeing them less frequently these days, gives you a new perspective and a deeper appreciation when you do see them. And I’ve been told, that clouds often precipitate beautiful sunsets. I have had that experience in Arizona actually. I think cloud dreaming is a great way to stimulate the imagination and I am with you, 100%, in taking the moments to stop and observe the world around you, wherever and however that shows up for you. No explanations needed for those around who don’t “see” what you see.

  • Beverley, Great post – about taking the time to look up. I find myself doing that, looking up and seeing what shapes or “angels” may be there, following me. I admit, as a busy business owner and mom, I haven’t taken the time to look up – since I’m always on my phone. I will be sure to look up in these next couple of days as I venture out – part of my continued effort to “be present” wherever I am.
    Tamara MacDuff recently posted…Passion your Why not your WhatMy Profile

    • Glad you enjoyed this one, Tamara! Especially as it offered you a gentle hint to look up more often to see what the wonderful cloudscapes can add to your day. Love that you look for “angels” in the clouds, as I love seeing them as well. Elephants are also a favourite find of mine. Hopefully, looking up more often will truly give you the opportunity to be in the moment and be present, a bit of an escape as you move through your days.

  • Ever since reading your piece about clouds, I noticed how frequently I look at clouds. I know I always did but it didn’t register. Now, I am more aware of its impact on me. The lightness it brings into my day, the fanciful visions that start to form. While driving, I’m often frustrated that I can’t just stop the car & catch a photo. ill make sure I grab a photo when I start outdoor walking aain.
    Roslyn Tanner Evans recently posted…Winter Getaway -What Jewelry to PackMy Profile

    • Glad to hear that something in this article spoke to you enough that your experience of “looking up” at the clouds has shifted and you have a bit more awareness of them now. I must admit that I often snap photos of clouds while driving (at least while stopped at traffic lights) and think your idea of taking photos when walking is a wonderful way to capture them. Something I seem to do all the time too! And yes, clouds offer a lightness and whimsy to my day as well. What we see in the clouds often reflects who we are and the things that mean something to us. Thanks for commenting again too, Roslyn.

  • Yay, I’m a cloud convert! Thanks for a wonderful post Beverley, I enjoyed reading the intimate connection you have with clouds and their formations. It was as though you were taking me on a journey into a world of peace and tranquility as you described your fascination and love for those intriguing bits of fluff, up there in the sky. It does not surprise me that you feel such a deep connection with the clouds, after all, they are natures expression of perfection. I certainly will look at them in a different light and join you on your journey of cloud meditation.

    Michelle Williams recently posted…Managing Menopause Naturally!My Profile

    • Thanks so much for being open to being a cloud convert, Michelle and happy you joined us “cloud” people. Glad you felt the journey to the mysterious heavenly world of peace and tranquility I feel when watching the clouds roll by. I do believe that clouds are nature’s reminder of the changing, yet perfect nature of each moment. They are heavenly messengers that show us, “as above, so below” and I’m happy to also hear you’ll view them in whole new light having read this piece. Appreciate your lovely words and thanks for sharing your voice here too.

  • Hazel says:

    For me, it’s sticking my feet in warm sand, listening to the waves crash and just smelling the ocean air. Until I get too hot, then I get up and go find a good cocktail. 😉
    Hazel recently posted…Trying on skinny pants and they fit!My Profile

    • You sound like an earth and water kind of gal, Hazel. Love the sand and waves too, however, looking up and seeing the amazing clouds above me, just is like fluffy icing on nature’s cake. Thanks for sharing what makes you tune in to nature. 🙂

  • Kirsten says:

    I love watching clouds and challenging my kids with “what do you see in the clouds?” every now and again. I am constantly looking up. I am amazed by the fact there is a cloud app and a cloud society. Super cool! Amazing the things that connect people!
    Kirsten recently posted…Books That Inspire Travel to ChinaMy Profile

    • Imagine my delight when I discovered the cloud app and that there is an official cloud society. It reassured me that I was not alone in my eyes to the sky pursuit and my love of clouds. It’s wonderful to hear how you enjoy challenging your children to explore what they see in the clouds, as what we see, is what is important to us down here on earth and speaks volumes to how we are in the world. And yes, it is amazing the things that know connect us. There is definitely a way for each of us to connect like-minded people. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Kirsten!

  • Loved this! As a creative entrepreneur, I do a whole lot of cloud watching and imagining. These days, many of those talking about clouds are referring to virtual storage space. It’s refreshing to be among fellow dreamers who can appreciate “clouded” vision.
    Coach Niquenya recently posted…Welcome!My Profile

    • So happy you totally got this one Niquenya! I have been a long-time “eyes to the sky” kind of person myself. It’s awesome to hear how you use cloud watching and imagining in your business as a creative impulse. I imagine myself being transported up to the clouds and having a magical experience seeing the views down below. I’d love to fly too! Love that you are a fellow dreamer with “clouded” vision too. 😉

  • Dalisse says:

    My daughter told me I had no imagination because I couldn’t see what she described in the sky the other day. I gave up after several attempts. I was tempted to tell her to get her head out of the clouds and come back to earth!! lol Just kidding..

    • Sounds like your daughter has much to teach you about heavenly cloud images, Dalisse. 🙂 I think the incredible array of what each of sees up there is so incredible and actually represents who we are and what is important to us in our lives. I strongly suggest everyone takes time to look up and keep their head in the clouds whenever they can.

  • “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
    From up and down, and still somehow
    It’s cloud illusions I recall
    I really don’t know clouds at all” – Joni Mitchell

    I love looking at clouds particularly when driving any distance. The sky can show so much. I’ve look at clouds from both sides, in the air and on the ground and they are still interesting and beautiful.
    Heather Cameron recently posted…Simple Sparks: Why You Should BlogMy Profile

    • A woman after my own heart, Heather. Sounds like you really get the wonderful whimsy and mystery of clouds. They are there one moment and gone the next. They shift and morph and create such beautiful heavenly landscapes for us to enjoy. Sounds like you have spent many hours watching clouds too and that you continue to enjoy how beautiful and interesting they are.

  • Used to do this a lot as a kid. Reminds me to slow down and look around me, notice things again. You made me contemplate & see the beauty again in this visual. Thanks Beverley. X0X
    Savvy Solutions for the Female BizPreneur (Norma Doiron) recently posted…Blogging Valuable Copy is Your Tiara OnlineMy Profile

    • Happy this brought back some childhood memories Norma! I still adore watching the clouds and feel like it is an unknown world that I want to explore. Watching clouds definitely does offer us the chance to slow down and see the world through new eyes. Thanks for sharing your experience here too!

  • Caroline says:

    Clouds are generally a rare thing out here in Kuwait, although with the current weather we have had some pretty impressive thunderclouds. When are in the UK during the summer, my boys love cloud watching and creating stories about the creatures and shapes they see. I love listening to their stories that is definitely one of my ways to slow down and enjoy the amazing creativity of minds far younger than mine.
    Caroline recently posted…Rain!My Profile

    • If we can look at even the thunderclouds as beautiful, the sky takes on a whole new beauty for us, Caroline. It is so wonderful to hear that during your summer in the UK, your boys are using their imaginations and turning their cloud watching into story creation. I see elephants all the time when I look up. And yes, it is relaxing and dreamy and it does stimulate creativity and wonderful escapes from our day-to-day earthly endeavours. Thanks for sharing you experiences and adding a wonderful voice to this conversation!

  • Renee says:

    For me clouds are not only dreamy and beautiful, but they also have a somewhat therapeutic effect on me. As I allow my mind to wander and let go of earthly inhibitions, there’s a deep sense of connection with all life in the cosmos and beyond. I read somewhere that we are not a part of the universe, rather the whole universe is in each of us, and we are a representation of a beautiful part of it. Just as we are, we need not change anything at all. We are born just perfect and lovely.
    Renee recently posted…Who is Responsible for Your Success?My Profile

    • Love your description of letting go of earthly inhibitions and through that finding a deep sense of connection with the whole of life. As a confirmed cosmic meanderer, I totally understand this and find myself flying there often as well. I believe that the heavenly landscapes above us, are a reminder that “as above, so below”. There is great learning from keeping our eyes to the sky and I find that I can’t seem to get enough of it. This is one of the things I personally miss the most in the grey winters of the northeast where I live. Thanks for sharing your wonderful perspective and for adding your voice to this conversation, Renee.

  • I love to stop and take pictures of clouds when I go out walking with my 2 little dogs. I also bring a blanket and find a space near the water, sit and just watch the clouds. I find it relaxing and dreamy. 🙂
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted…Learn Why We Love GanodermaMy Profile

    • You and I would have so much fun out on a walk, Alexandra, as that is what I do most of the time. It sounds like a wonderful way for you and your 2 little dogs to spend a lovely afternoon, walking, watching the clouds and then enjoying a rest by the water. And yes, watching the clouds is very relaxing and dreamy. 🙂

  • Hi Beverley,

    Interesting post on the ineffable wonder of clouds 🙂 I know what you mean, looking up and just staring at the clouds above so many shapes and so amazing! Sometimes while driving some will just catch my eye 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!
    Joan Harrington recently posted…7 Steps for Creating Engaging Content…My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Joan. I love hearing how clouds catch people’s eye or attention. For me, you will generally find me looking up and almost captivated by the incredible cloud landscapes above me. Even, like you, while driving. 🙂 Maybe we’d be best to keep our eyes on the road, however, there is something so very mesmerizing in the skies above!

  • I always looked up at clouds and would slow down, daydream a little and sometimes would get a creative idea. Enjoyed reading this about clouds.
    Roslyn Tanner Evans recently posted…Winter Getaway -What Jewelry to PackMy Profile

    • Clouds definitely have the power to stop us from our earthly tasks, slow us down and allow us to daydream about worlds both seen and unseen. Glad you enjoyed reading this one on one of my favourite topics…clouds!

  • Lisa says:

    I think one of the reasons I love Montana so much is the big puffy clouds against their big blue sky. I could watch for hours

    • Agree with you, Lisa! Anywhere I can see big cloud landscapes, I am so very happy. Many of the photos I take are of the heavenly landscapes. You’ll often find me looking up and admiring the view up there! Montana sounds like you have wondrous skies much of the time.

  • Rambo Ruiz says:

    The beautiful sky and clouds are some of the reason I love being in the Philippines. Clouds can calm my soul and brighten up my day. Beverley you really are a hippie 😉 and I appreciate people like you. Cheers!
    Rambo Ruiz recently posted…Business and Life Principles Learned from GDaysManilaMy Profile

    • Sounds amazing in the Philippines, Rambo! To live somewhere that has beautiful skies and clouds, is my ideal for the future. Here in Toronto the clouds disappear in the winter months. And yes, I am a hippie and some day we will have a conversation so I can tell you that you are a hippie too. I believe that at the heart of who we are as human beings, we all are hippies. 🙂

  • Veronica says:

    I do notice that when I take the time to notice nature and even watch clouds, it slows me down and relaxes me. I don’t so very much reading outside of my design books and magazines and tons of blogs
    Veronica recently posted…Fun Finds: Cardboard Animal BustsMy Profile

    • It is really a great observation, Veronica, to see the result when you do take the time to let nature slow you down. Interesting for us all, that we get caught up in our day to day “priorities” and sometimes forget to take time to move outside our daily routines.

  • Don Purdum says:

    For me, it’s a good book that helps me slow down… until it gives me an idea which it’s bound to do, lol… I also love just getting out on beautiful days and enjoying the park and scenery, or laying on a blanket in the backyard.

    • Books are among my “idea” triggers to Don, although not sure if they ever slow me down 🙂 And of course watching clouds is my ultimate escape and really does offer the opportunity to slow down and enjoy nature, all this for free.